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Our Commitment to Quality

Assemblink is registered to ISO9001:2000. From sales to shipping Assemblink is committed to meeting your requirements for the right product, on time. Our mission is to be the source most preferred by engineers and buyers to design, prototype, test and manufacture electronics. See our Quality Policy and Objectives.

Quality Policy

Assemblink is committed to meeting requirements and creating total customer satisfaction with on-time performance, order accuracy and the highest quality of service. This is accomplished through our commitment to continual improvement of our people, our management and our processes.

Quality Objectives

*                            Total Customer Satisfaction

*                            High Quality of Service

*                            100% On-Time Performance

*                            100% Order Accuracy

*                            Continual Process Improvement






Assemblink’s RoHS Information


RoHS Compliant

Environmental Laws restrict the use of certain hazardous substances. “RoHS: Compliant” addresses the laws transposed from the European Union directive 2002/95/EC known as the RoHS Directive.

The RoHS Compliance of any product so designated is based upon evidence from Assemblink that the part number is in compliance with the RoHS Directive. Assemblink has taken all reasonable steps to confirm material producers’ statements and other evidence regarding the absence of the restricted substances to support the material manufacturers’ claim of compliance.

For reference, in compliance with RoHS (EU Directive 2002/95/EC) the maximum concentration values of the restricted substances by weight in any homogenous materials are:

• Cadmium/Cadmium Compounds 0.01%

• Hexavalent Chromium/ Hexavalent Chromium Compounds 0.10%

• Lead/Lead Compounds 0.10%

• Mercury/Mercury Compounds 0.10%

• Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBBs) 0.10%

• Polybrominated Biphenylethers (PBDEs)0.10%



This information is valid when RoHS Compliance is indicated on your packing list from Assemblink



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