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Custom Keyboards & Data Input Devices Assembly Service


After 15 years of experiences and learning we are well prepared for providing keyboard sub-assembly service

for OEM manufacturer and manufacturing of various types of input devices used in the Banking, Retail POS,

Government sectors, Airlines, Hotels and Hosiptals, … such professional industries. We provide low

cost one-stop assembly service for our custom solution.





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Assemblink® Custom Keyboards are manufactured according to your exact specifications. These Keyboards can include special key layouts, colours and legends, special front plates and enclosures. 


Different Cherry key cap colours




Our Manufacture


Core Services Offered:
- Custom Keyboards Product Assembly Service
- Custom Data Input Devices Assembly Services


           Prototype.... Batch... Volume Production

           Free standingwith Enclosure

           Chassis Mounted for Panel Installation

           Mounted with PCB Ready for OEM Installation

           Keyswitchwith Cherry MX Switch and MLSwitch

           Cherry key caps with MX switch Configured

     — one to hundreds of keys, Full Key Construction

           Special Language Layouts... Special Legends...

            Choice of Colors for key tops

           High or low volume custom enclosures

           Manufactured from the highest quality materials


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