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Quick response, Assemblink will reply Customer''''s any enquiry within 12hours
Our Engineering Design / Documentation Review:

This is done to ensure manufacturability and reveal and recommend any cost-effective design changes that could yield a benefit in cost and or manufacturability of the commodity being sourced.

The engineering team generates one complete set of datafile for correlation & verification of the supplier''''s BOM. Once approved, engineering checks & approves the supplier''''s working A/W & checks the BOM file and to determine if there are any missing P/N. Lastly, engineering will work with this production and buy the parts per the BOM and help you to down cost. We would arrange to ship the parts to your address on time.

We can easily handle 0402, fine pitch parts like QFN, QFP, VFBGA and BGA.  Whether consignment or turn-key, your printed circuit board assemblies protoypes can be finished in 48 hours for 2-layer board with the look, quality and performance of production grade assemblies.  Every board undergoes a rigourous inspection and quality process to ensure that you get perfectly assembled printed circuit boards on time - every time!


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