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We require the following files for every PCB assembly Quote:
Assembly BOM list (or spreadsheet). The BOM needs reference partnumber, value, package/decal, description, and designators

2) Gerber files for Top/Bottom Copper, Silkscreen, soldermask file and Solderpaste,.
3) Fall all SMT components by machine
the parts position/rotation file or the machine pick-n-place file. We place  all SMT components by machine for all prototype orders.
You also can send us a your sample unit fully populated for our production reference or a picture.

5) The quote meet SMT Board Assembly or THT/PHT Board Assembly.

6) The quote quantity can be 10pcs, 100pcs, 300pcs, 500pcs and 1000pcs,...5000pcs. 



We can order all parts for you. If the assembly boards with PCB, assembly and component purchase on our behalf, we would give you a fully quotation for you.


The quotation include:

1.Bare PCBs quote

2.Assembly quote with last unit fully populated

3.The cost for electronic parts in the BOM

4.Shipping fee                                                                                  5.Lead time


Standard Quote:  
1. SMD assembly service:  US$0.00513/ per standard welding dot
2. Manual work assembly service: US$0.00763/ per standard welding dot
3. 4 dot of IC(integrate circuit) is the same as 1 standard welding dot per price.
Price is not added for RoHS , If your order is lead-free and RoHS, pls note it on your order form.

Transmitte a file to sales to get a quote for PCBA, email to

The Pricing is valid for Standard production:

· 0603、0805、1206 SMD resistor & capacitor is the same as1 standard welding dot per price.
· 4 dot of IC(integrate circuit) is the same as1 standard welding dot per price.
· Max Board dimensions: 400 X 450 mm
· Assembly density is moderate per drawing and PCBA sample.
· Price is not added for RoHS and Pd-free
· Standard Lead time: 2 weeks

The lead time can be 3 days to 6 weeks depending on customers'' needs. If your specifications are different, please contact to for our 110% low price guaranteed quote. 





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