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Assemblink® Custom Game Keyboards are manufactured according to your exact specifications. These Game Keyboards can include special key layouts, colours and legends, special front plates and enclosures. 

Available as OEM


This game keyboard is a mechanical Keyboards using Cherry  MX switches.  104 keys

offer the highest quality keyboards. Liftime of more than 50 million operation cycles.



                                   Model: IPK50    (87 Keys)





                    Model: IPK60   (104 Keys)





                     Model:   IPK61  (104 Keys)






                     Model: IPK63    (108 Keys)






                                         Model: IPK64    ( 108 Keys )






                                       Model: IPK65     (108 Keys)






                                Model: IPK100    (148 Keys)



Ordering Information

If you order our these standard products as like about pictures, please contact our sales and email to  for the quote for mass order.   Our MOQ is 300pcs for about keyboard.


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