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Custom keyboards chassis units using Cherry MX switch Assembly Service 




We can provide you from 1key to 200 key switch chassis last unit fully populated and down your cost extramly.All the key board pruducts are RoHS. Please contact our sales for a 100% low quotation.  Email to













Keyboards components include:


Cherry MX Switch and electronic parts

Bare printed circuit boards

Metal chassis

Keycaps (QWERIT Layout and Customized Programmable Cherry MX keycaps



















Cherry MX Switch and ML Switch ( Mechanical Key switch Matrix)


Design with Gold Cross point German MX/ML body, feeling good;

There are two different feeling(one and two lengths);

Using Cherry MX keys based on Gold Cross point technology, and have tactile feeling

Life cycle: 50,000,000 Keystrokes, an extraordinarily long life expectancy of more than 50 million operations.

Have normal PC Cherry MX keycaps and POS keycaps




Metal Chassis


Chassis material: CRS 1018 ;  HRPO

Metal chassis thiknees:  1.2mm1.6mm;…

Finished on surface:  Black Powder Coat (RoHS)

Key switches are anchored onto the metal frame before soldered on the PCB. The metal frame greatly increases the matrix strength.






















Cherry MX Keycaps   



Full QWERTY Layout Key caps.

Customized Programmable key caps, User programmable re-legendable keys (key with clear


Complete colors key caps made matching with Cherry MX switch

Keycaps can be laser printed, silk screen printed or legend-paper printed. the characters is clear.       





























Customized enclosures


Material 1: CRS 1018 plate : the board thiknees is 0.5mm; 0.8mm; 1.0mm;1.2mm; 1.5mm;…

Material 2: aluminum plate : the board thiknees is 0.5mm; 0.8mm; 1.0mm;1.2mm; 1.5mm;…

Finished on surface:  Black Powder Coat (RoHS)

Other plastic material (RoHS)

Design can be customized according to the user requirement.







Assembly Ordering Information


Please contact our sales for a low quotation and for more information.  Email to










Note:  "CHERRY"  is brand hold by Cherry. website is

The words ''Cherry keyboards'''' on our websit is meaned that the keyboards assembled useing cherry''s switch, not Cherry''products and any cherry''s customized products.  We defer to Cherry''s brand and also other pardner of Cherry. 

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