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Custom Foil covered Short Travel Keyboards  

These keyboards are equipped with high-quality short travel keys behind a metal front panel. The front panel offers a shielding function and gives the construction a good stability. The front panel is covered with a protective and printed polyester-foil. This foil keeps the keyboard resistant against dust and wetness. The short travel keys offers a good tactile feeling for the user.


Available as OEM


  1. Design foil
  2. Adhesive tape
  3. Front panel (carrier plate)
  4. PCB (view on key side)
  5. PCB (view on backside)


Completed with screw bolts or other mechanic elements, we will create for you precise mechanic systems. You can get by Assemblink® separate front panels at your wishes as well as name plates or keyboard covers
















Short travel keys do have a long time. They are available in different sizes and actuation forces. The key travel is normally around 0.15mm. Available in two types, 0.8mm height without stem or 1.5mm height with stem.


Key switches: 5.2mm (Surface Mount) APLS SKQG Series (or the switches chosen by you)

Operating force1.1N;


Operating life2000,000 cycles (2million operations)

Notebook PC application



Excellent features

  • Resistant against dust and splash water
  • Suitable for a rough environment
  • Different lighting versions of keys as functional lighting and night lighting available
  • Superior tactile feeling by short travel keys
  • Integration of display windows possible
  • Integration of additional electronic elements and functions on the PCB
  • Different heights and scales realizable
  • Front panel is shielding and stabilizing
  • Well-designed front foils and name plates available

When mounted correcty, the pront is sealed to IP65 standard. The short travel keys offer a good tactile feedback for the user.  Short travel keys have a very long life time. They are available in different sizes and actuation forces and key travel is normally around 0.25mm.




Excellent features     Fully Sealed Industrial keyboards







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